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McSpocky's Story

We have insurance through my wife's employer, but it comes with a $3,000 deductible. Because of this, the surgeon wouldn't do the surgery unless we came up with the money in advance. The insurance ended up reducing the amount to $2,000, but we still had to use a group funding account to come up with the money.

The second set of struggles with healthcare in Idaho happened in 2018 when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to have a bilateral mastectomy, port implantation surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. After healing from the surgeries, she went back to work part-time. She worked throughout her chemo and radiation treatments. This was hard on her, but we could not afford for her to take several months off from work. During this time, I had to have a stress test due to concerns about my heart. I also had a long-time foot injury that had gotten bad enough I was almost unable to walk. Extensive surgery was required to fix it.

After a few months, we were finally able to get the hospital to cover the deductible themselves. Being in Idaho, without being disabled and having no children, we cannot get food stamps. While my wife and I were unable to work, the only way we were able to come up with money for living costs was with another group funding account. If we hadn't received all the financial help from others that we did, I really don't know how we could have gotten along.

Now, we're in 2019, and once again struggling with costs until our deductible is met. I've had to meet the costs for physical therapy for my foot so far this year. Luckily, people have donated more to our last year's group funding account, and we are getting by so far. Changes need to be made so that when people get sick they don't have to go begging to others for enough money to survive. People need to be able to concentrate on getting well, not worrying about how to pay for it all as their top priority. That is just wrong. right.

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