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American Healthcare

The Brookings Institute offered insight into improving quality and value in U.S. Healthcare in 2009. Not much has changed. Read what they had to say. 

It's time for us to change this once and for all. Please join us in advocating for equal and appropriate universal access to healthcare. The U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world without it. 

What Can We Do?

- We can promote and vote for candidates who support healthcare initiatives and are calling for  UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. 

- We can support a growing coalition of Healthcare Pros and social activists who will tirelessly work to accomplish the changes that are needed. 

- We can educate voters about the social and financial implications of a system which relies on universal healthcare.

- We can define the common types of UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. Understanding the different models is an important step toward understanding potential benefits.

Defining the common types of UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE is an important step toward understanding the benefits.
BELOW you will find a 'GALLERY.' Each image links to an article which will help explain these differences, their advantages, and disadvantages. 


Real People And Experiences

Average Americans share their healthcare and insurance stories.

Here we share a small sampling of millions of patient stories. Each story represents struggles that affect human beings through no fault of their own. Every one of them deserves an equal chance to live healthy lives and to thrive.

After reading through these accounts of physical and financial burdens because of an expensive, unforgiving healthcare system, we hope that you will join us in working hard to help secure a fair, equitable, affordable and healthier system for all Americans.

Patient Story #1 

Other family members have had an even harder time with healthcare in Idaho, but this is our personal story:  The first set of struggles with healthcare in Idaho happened two years ago after my wife had a tooth removed that left a hole in her sinus. We were referred to an oral surgeon to have the surgery needed to repair the hole because it was not only painful, it was also a source of chronic infection. Click image to read more. 

Patient Story #3


 Patient #4


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